Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weather Emergencies Make Vehicle a Survival Boat

Whether it's evacuations in California ordered as a result of tsunami waves caused by the Japanese earthquake, flooding in Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania this week, or the unexpected break-down in the desert or mountains, many people wind up on their own or even stranded in their vehicle, which becomes a kind of lifeboat.

But what is in that lifeboat to help an individual or a family cope with adverse conditions? Too few drivers keep basic tools and other necessities and helpers to endure a night or more alone in a car, or the basics to get a damaged car back on the road.

There are a few small things you can carry to make life on the road easier. Click here to learn more!


  1. I live in a rural area and fear storms, tornadoes and wind damage the most. I keep some food, water and supplies in the truck and park the truck away from the house and trees. If you park in your garage and your garage collapses on your car, it won't do much good to have your supplies in the car. We get some pretty strong winds around here and it's not uncommon for some pretty big hardwood tree limbs to fall. One of the trickiest things is keeping water in the truck. I don't keep a lot in the truck because it freezes.

  2. Water is a hard thing to store when it's cold. What I end up doing is getting a three-gallon container and filling it about 3/4 full. Hopefully, it won't freeze solid, and will stay mostly unfrozen. At least there is something for hydration in the vehicle!