Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter Kummerfeldt: Emergency Blankets and Vests That Work!

The Blizzard vests work well!
Blizzard Products – vests, blankets and sleeping bags. I had actually come across these products several years ago but didn’t pay them much attention to them because of my bias against anything made from “space blanket” material.
To read Peter's review, click here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peter Kummerfeldt: Sheltering in Your Vehicle

Winter driving is dangerous - make sure you are prepared for and unexpected stop.
Anyone who drives faces the possibility of spending a unplanned night in a vehicle. Bad weather, breakdowns, running out of fuel, getting stuck are some of the more common reasons why a driver might have to bed down for the night (or perhaps for several nights) until the situation is resolved.

A night out does not have to be a life-threatening experience. Drivers who accept the possibility that the unforeseen
may happen are drivers who prepare  for the experience. On the other hand, drivers who deny the possibility may find themselves fighting for their lives!

Here are some things you can do:

Survival Gear For Rock-and-Roll Emergencies!

That's my boy!
Always carry your pocket survival gear and you'll be ready for just about anything!
That happened last night when I went to an Indie Rock show at the Old Stone Church in Bend, OR,  that featured Portland bands "The Autonomics" and "The Dirty Words."
When my wife and I got there, the Autonomics lead guitar player (who is also my son, Dan) had an amp die, just before the show was about to start.
(Turns out, as is typical of most rock shows, the program's starting time was actually a statement of purpose!)
But it only took my dinky little light on my keychain survival kit to quickly help find and fix the loose wire.
I also had in my pocket a BIC lighter wrapped with about two feet of duct tape. My Leatherman Wave was in the car, along with more duct tape, as was 100 feet of paracord, should the repair job have escalated in scope!
Be prepared if you want to rock out!
The Autonomics: Dan Pantenburg and brothers Vaughn and Evan Likem.

Keychain survival gear

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weather Emergencies Make Vehicle a Survival Boat

Whether it's evacuations in California ordered as a result of tsunami waves caused by the Japanese earthquake, flooding in Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania this week, or the unexpected break-down in the desert or mountains, many people wind up on their own or even stranded in their vehicle, which becomes a kind of lifeboat.

But what is in that lifeboat to help an individual or a family cope with adverse conditions? Too few drivers keep basic tools and other necessities and helpers to endure a night or more alone in a car, or the basics to get a damaged car back on the road.

There are a few small things you can carry to make life on the road easier. Click here to learn more!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake in Japan: What tools and mindset do you need to survive?

MARCH 11, 2011
The most powerful earthquake to hit Japan since records began has struck the country's north-east and triggered a devastating tsunami that will affect oceanside communities in California and Oregon.

Japanese TV showed cars, ships and buildings swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude quake.

As I watched the news this morning, some footage was shown of people in an office building during the quake. Most of them were standing around in disbelief, doing nothing. One worker remained at his desk, apparently attempting to continue working!

What should these people have done? Well, not being there, I can't really judge. But I believe I would have made an attempt to get out of that office.

What should you do in a similar situation? Click here for some suggestions!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dryer Lint as a Survival Kit Firestarter? No Way!

The dryer lint just went out after it started burning. Don't rely on it!
Inevitably, at every firemaking seminar I'm involved in, somebody suggests using dryer lint as firestarter. According to some folks, you should carry dryer lint and a flint stick in your survival kit. My response is that I have tested and tried dryer lint, don’t carry it, and recommend you don’t either.
Cotton balls/petroleum jelly work well!

You stake your life on your firemaking kit components. So, let’s apply the common sense filter to this dryer lint firestarter idea. Read the story of my research here.