Saturday, February 12, 2011

Runner's Survival Kit Can Be A Lifesaver

Make a runner's survival kit.
Survival situations can happen when you least expect it, or in places where such a thing doesn’t make sense.
Maybe you’ve gotten into the habit  of taking a run in the same urban area every evening. Then, one evening, the endorphins kick in, and you decide to double the usual mileage. As darkness approaches, you realize you have to get back to the car before it gets really dark. You slip, twist your ankle and can’t move.
Or you might decide to go for a walk and just take off without thinking to tell someone where you went. You’re strolling along, relaxing and enjoying the iPod, and letting the stress from the office dissipate. Then, as it starts to get dark, you realize you’ve taken a wrong turn and are lost. And pretty soon, it will be pitch dark, and you can’t see the path.
Even if you are running and need to go light, you can still carry a survival kit. Here are some of the survival items you need to carry with you.

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